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  • Welcome to Kolderstok Models, the website offering model boat kits for 17th century Dutch ships. Kolderstok offers a range of unique model boat kits for famous Dutch ships – famous both for their history as well as the great people who sailed them.

    The aim of Kolderstok is to offer a high quality range of wooden model boat kits for ships not available elsewhere. Models of famous ships of the Dutch Golden Age, such as those belonging to the VOC (Dutch East India Company), but also ships famous for the great battles in which they served. Ships under the command of well-known names: Michiel de Ruyter, Marten Harpenszoon Tromp, Jan and Cornelis Evertsen and Adriaen Banckert.

    Besides the currently available models, new models will be released in future. Think of a ship loaded with gold, shipwrecked near the Dutch coast, her cargo still not fully recovered, or of the yacht that discovered Australia, small though she was. Or maybe a ship like De Zeven Provinciën, the flagship of admiral Michiel de Ruyter.

    Kolderstok models are created using old images and existing models as guidelines, thus ensuring the best possible accuracy.

    Most kits are for more experienced builders. Levels range from 1 star (beginner) up to 4 stars (very experienced builder). Experienced builders can, of course, refine their model to their own preference.

    Kolderstok kits consist of laser-cut keel, frames and decks, planking for the hull and decks, masts, yards, rigging and a full set of hand-cast resin ornaments. The ornaments will need a finishing touch. Sails are available as a separate kit.

    Being model builders ourselves, we prefer a personal approach. Contact us via e-mail and we will get in touch to arrange details, preferences and how to order.

    Available Kolderstok kits can be viewed on the models tab.
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